SMS Spyware : TOP 5 Spyware to satisfy your curiosity


This is the percentage of unfaithful people in the US.

It is easier to understand why many people want to spy on sms using spyware to monitor their spouse’s conversations….

That’s why in this article I’ll introduce you to the 5 best spyware for SMS.

Each of these programs is able to extract not only SMS from any phone, but also calls, GPS location, Facebook messages etc… and others. However, we will focus on this comparison of SMS functionality.

Rick Moreno here, expert in IT security and telecommunications. I personally had the opportunity to test these different software as part of my work, this review only includes my humble opinion as an enlightened user.

Let’s do it!

SMS Spyware Comparison Table

Don’t forget! I have compared here ONLY the spy features of SMS/Calls and similar. Each of these programs also has other functionalities such as geolocation, WhatsApp/Messenger messaging spying, etc… These other features are detailed in their own article


Monthly price30-40€ depending on the version (Premium or Ultimate) and the platform (Android or iOS)from 25€ (1 phone) to 150€ (25 spyable phones)27€ (Basic)
60€ (Premium)
26€ (Basic)
32€ (Premium)
60€ (Premium)
Annual price90-100€ depending on the version (Premium or Ultimate) and the platform (Android or iOS)from 100€ (1 phone) to 500€ (25 spyable phones)168 € (Premium)53€ (Basic)
79€ (Premium)
131€ (Premium)
306€ (Extrem)
Online panel
SMS sending
Keyword-based SMS deletion
Last deleted SMS
Buy now

Spyzie: the best spyware in general

logo spyzie

Let’s start with the best, in my opinion, a story that the most eager of you quickly possess in your hands what interests you…

but read all the same, the best in general may not be the best for YOUR specific situation!

Spyzie is among the best spyware on the market, for SMS but not only. Extremely powerful with its many features, it stands out from the others for its extreme ease of use.

Thus, its interface is very clear and extremely pleasant to navigate… judge for yourself:

screenshot spy software sms spyzie

Spyzie can be set up in two ways depending on your device type:

  • if you want to spy on an android device, you need to install the application on the target phone. As a reminder, if you cannot physically access the target phone, spyware may not be for you…. You must then use a special tool to spy on text messages remotely. The advantage of Spyzie over others is that you do not need to “root” (= perform a manipulation to get additional privileges) the device to be able to install the application.
  • If you want to spy on an iPhone, however, you don’t need to install an application: just insert the target’s iCloud IDs. Depending on the situation, this may be more or less practical in relation to the installation of an application. Personally, I really like this feature, which allows me to reuse identifiers that I have retrieved in another way.

The installation is so simple that it becomes almost a game. Even my dog could install this spy software if he knew how to use a keyboard! More seriously, if you have a little trouble with the technology and want to be taken by the hand to set it up: go ahead with your eyes closed, you will get there very quickly.

Once installed, you have access to a user panel as shown in the screenshot, which allows you to interact with the different features and retrieve the information you are interested in:

    • sms message list
    • most frequently used contacts
    • call history, with duration and dates of the different calls
    • …. and many other features that I will not detail in this guide dedicated to SMS monitoring

One of my favorite features, which really sets Spyzie apart from the others, is its ability to save deleted messages. When you spy on someone, it’s often on a sensitive subject. So even if the person does not know that they are being spied on, they may tend to delete some messages “just in case”, “so as not to leave any traces”. And this is often the most interesting for us, so we shouldn’t have to worry about it.



  • The iPhone version without installation
  • Ease of use
  • The user interface
  • Last deleted messages


  • The iPhone version more expensive than the Android version

MSpy : the best for media

logo mspy

Another heavyweight in the SMS spyware market is MSpy. This parental control application not only allows you to monitor all the activity of a phone, but also organizes them in an orderly way, which allows you to quickly access the information you are looking for, very easily.

You can use filters to search for SMS/MMS messages for a certain period of time or containing a certain keyword. It’s a great feature that saves you from having to search for “potentially interesting” information yourself everywhere. If you know what to look for, you will get it extremely quickly with MSpy.

Moreover, it is one of the only spyware programs to manage multimedia files so easily. You can see the MMS and other multimedia exchanged on the phone as easily as you watch SMS conversations – that is, very easily!

If your child tends to spend too much time sending SMS, MSpy has a feature that allows you to block the sending and receiving of SMS during certain time slots. Remove the temptation from the SMS and make him do his homework! :’)

One of the missing features of MSpy (and which probably costs it its number 1 position, among others) is not having a Keylogger. Keystroke logging is an essential feature, especially when you don’t have access to deleted messages, because in this case the content of these messages is really lost for good. However, it is often these SMS messages that are the most interesting! But with MSpy, with a little misfortune you’ll miss out….

Fortunately, MSpy runs completely in the background, making it completely invisible on the smartphone where it is installed. This can counterbalance the previous point, in the sense that if the user has no idea that they are being spied on, they may not delete their messages as often, which gives you time to monitor their SMS messages. It may be a desired feature, or on the contrary make you uncomfortable using it: it depends on you and your use.



  • MMS management
  • Advanced search
  • Very successful invisibility


  • The absence of a keylogger


XNSpy : the best for the long term

logo xnspy

When you are looking for SMS spyware, 2 possible uses come to mind:

  • either you need it now, right now, to check something on a device. For example, check your spouse’s loyalty. It is a short, brief use.
  • or you need it for the long term. For example: protect your children from cyberbullying or monitor the use of your employees’ work laptops. Your use is then over time.

Why do I make this distinction?

To introduce XNSpy.

Indeed, when you want to spy on SMS messages from one or more devices, it can quickly become quite expensive depending on the desired period. In particular, if you want to spy on devices all year round, the cost can quickly increase and be prohibitive.

That’s where XNSpy comes in.

XNSpy differs little from other spyware software in its functionality. He’s doing the job, let’s say. But where its strength lies is in its annual fee, which varies between 50 and 80€. In comparison, the others are generally more than 100€ for an annual use.

On the other hand, its monthly price (surprisingly) does not follow the same pattern and is in market prices, and no less expensive.

Therefore, XNSpy can be interesting if you want to spy on SMS messages from the same device for a year or more and want to save a little on your budget while having the basic features. On the other hand, if your use is occasional, I would advise you to go your way and fall back on more appropriate solutions such as Spyzie or MSpy.

However, an interesting feature of XNSpy is the way it presents certain information. Thus, the most frequently called persons appear in a “Top 5 of Appellants”. Similarly there is the “Top 5 of call duration” or the “Top 10 of most visited sites”. It’s really not bad to get a quick overview of the use of the device, without having to go into details. Once again, this is part of a fleet management problem and therefore more likely to be based on software used over the long term.



  • The annual price
  • His “TOP X” of information


  • The lack of innovative features
  • A somewhat wobbly French translation


FlexiSpy: the high-end spy software

logo flexispy

What is very pleasant when you have spyware installed on a device is to have the feeling that you can do everything, know everything. Unfortunately, this implies that the software has a functionality developed to replicate and give us access to each of the functions of a phone. Given the complexity of today’s smartphones, this requires a lot of work.

This is why the different SMS spyware programs presented here have very different functionalities as soon as basic essential functionalities such as SMS reading or call history are released.

And very often, we are very quickly limited by the functionalities available when we want to do something a little off the beaten track….

Unless we use FlexiSpy.

FlexiSpy is one of the market pioneers and has a renowned historical software that does not have to compete with newer competitors such as Spyzia.

Created in 2005, it is, by its consistent development time, the most developed spyware on the market in terms of functionality.

Unfortunately, this has a cost: it is also the most expensive. That’s why I didn’t choose it as the best SMS spyware because it’s probably not accessible to any audience. By its price, it is aimed at a demanding public that knows its needs.

Another disadvantage of its “old age” if I may say so, is that its interface also begins to date. Where newer ones like Spyzie or MSpy offer very pleasant user experiences with their dashboards, FlexiSpy’s interface is functional but nothing more. It lacks the “wow” aspect and the fluidity aspect of modern IU.

Fortunately, it catches up well with its unique features that are not offered by its competitors and that are real “game changes” on certain occasions. I am thinking in particular of the interception of telephone calls and the recording of calls. Just imagine for two minutes what you could do with that!



  • Many features
  • Reliability


  • Its prohibitive price
  • Ageing interface


Hoverwatch: the best spy software for small budgets

logo hoverwatch

Cheap and pleasant, Hoverwatch is undoubtedly the best spyware if you want the basic features, well done and cheap.

Of course, the features are not very innovative in themselves: you can monitor SMS, MMS, calls, monitor SIM card changes… you might say.

Yes, but here it is: everything is packaged in a fluid interface that is very pleasant to use and has a refined design that makes the eyes shine. You’re going to tell me “that’s not how you choose your spyware!”. And you’ll be right… and yet!

Installed on more than 12 million devices worldwide, Hoverwatch is a success.

Its advantage? Its price!

Hoverwatch is the cheapest spyware on the market, with a price of 25 euros per month for a simple personal license taken monthly, which turns into just 8 euros per month when you subscribe all year round!

For this quality of service, honestly it is extremely interesting. So if you’re looking for a cheap SMS tracker: go for it with your eyes closed on Hoverwatch and you won’t be disappointed!

Website: https:/


The +
  • Price
  • Pure design


The –
  • The lack of innovative features?

spyware purchasing guide

Buying guide for SMS spyware

The Internet is a dangerous place. Filled with dangerous people. Not all of them, of course, but still. And this world is being carried into our hands every day through our smartphones, and earlier and earlier.

How can you protect those you love, who don’t necessarily know how this world works, from bad encounters and misuses? One of the possible answers is SMS spyware.

The different software I presented can of course each spy on SMS from an android or iphone smartphone, see calls, etc…. but they are not all the same. Here are some features you can evaluate to make your choice of mobile tracker:

Ease of use

You should not have to have a PhD in astrophysics to understand how to use the application. Most of the available software offers an online user panel, and it is important that you have a clear navigation and that you can find the information you are looking for easily. A good application allows you to quickly and easily obtain essential information such as SMS and calls, and only then allows you more advanced features in cases where you need them.

Quick installation

This facility must continue during the installation of the software. Once you have purchased the product, you should receive an email that details step by step how to set up the sms tracker. Even better if a tutorial video is available! In any case, the installation should not take more than a few minutes. Otherwise, run away!


After the basic features mentioned above it is important to ask yourself: what more do I need?

It is in these additional features that you will be able to distinguish and choose between the different brands available on the market. Do you need MMS? Do you need the deleted messages? To send an SMS? So many questions to ask yourself that will allow you to determine the ideal product for your specific use.

In this guide I was able to establish the main lines of comparison, but do not hesitate to go further and visit the publishers’ sites yourself to make your own judgment.


Invisibility is one of the most important aspects of spying by software. And yes, if your target spots the software and uninstalls it, your plan goes down the drain – and if she finds you and didn’t agree with you very much, hello the damage!

Thus, always check that the spyware is undetectable on the platform on which you intend to use it. One that is always invisible and untraceable, at all times.


Make sure that the sms spyware you are interested in is compatible with the operating system version of the target phone. The majority of spyware on the market (and all those presented in this article) are compatible with Android and iOS, but perhaps not all versions. If your target has an old version of android or iOS, check well in advance on the publisher’s site for a list of compatible devices and OSes.

Similarly, be sure to have internet access on the target phone in order to download and install the application.

SMS Spyware: Frequently asked questions

Do I need physical access to the phone to install the spyware?

Yes, to install the SMS spyware it is necessary to have access to the phone on which you are counting the installation, but only once and for a few minutes.

If you do not have access to the device at all, your only alternative is to spy on sms remotely.

How will I receive the software?

This depends on the brands of course, but in general you should receive a download link by email or on your user panel, directly after ordering. You should also receive a step-by-step guide to the installation procedure. It should take less than 5 minutes before you can see your first SMS.

No! Of course not:)

The software runs in the background and will be permanently invisible after launching it for the first time. This will be completely transparent to the spy user who will not see any difference!

Do I need to root my Android?

It depends on the spyware used. If this is a problem for you, check the official website before ordering.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone?

It depends on the spyware used. If this is a problem for you, check the official website before ordering.


If you are looking for a spyware sms, so I advise you to look at mSpy or Spyzie. If you need advanced features and budget is not an issue for you, then take the extreme version of FlexiSpy instead – you won’t be disappointed. Finally, if you just want to have a little fun on a tight budget, you should find satisfaction at Hoverwatch.

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