Spy Facebook Messenger : How to Spy on Facebook Messages

Are you curious? Do you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you and talking privately with a stranger? Do you want to know what your best friend is hiding from you, or what your boss doesn’t dare to tell you? Hack into your boyfriend’s facebook account maybe?

Or more simply, do you want to have fun reading your loved ones’ conversations?

Then follow this guide to spy facebook messenger easily, step by step.

Hacking facebook will have no more secrets for you!

This guide is intended to show you that this is possible, do not abuse this technique to hurt others! 😉



How to spy facebook messenger easily?

One thing is certain, Facebook raises many issues. It is also a coveted target. However, since the hackers’ revelations “Shadow Brokers” it has become more than easy to hack into a messenger account or a facebook account, and this without software or other devices. Indeed, this hacker team unveiled the tools used by the NSA to spy on the American population.

Facebook was obviously quick to correct this flaw for the general public, but our team of developers managed to build on this foundation to develop a new version of the tool, updated in 2019. Indeed, Facebook has put a bandage on it but the wound (the flaw) is still there….

What does this tool do?

Our tool currently allows you to retrieve shared text conversations, photos and videos from all messenger conversations in a facebook profile. This allows you to read someone else’s facebook messages without their knowledge.

How to use it ?

This tool is as you can imagine a little technical, but we have tried to make it as easy to use as possible. It always requires a few manipulations to be done beforehand, however, it is within everyone’s reach. For that we have created a video tutorial that you just have to follow step by step to spy on messenger:

Video summary : (Note: If you block at a step or don’t understand how it works, watch the video !)

Click here to access the tool


  • Go to this page
  • Go to the facebook profile of the person you want to spy on.
  • Just enter the Facebook username (the XXX in https://www.facebook.com/XXXX ) and the tool will take care of everything for you !
  • If the load jams, you’ve done something stupid. Reload the page and start again.
  • You also have the possibility to liker the creators on facebook if you don’t want to have to do the human verification every time.

Note: As you have noticed, if your victim only has messenger and does not have a facebook profile, this technique unfortunately does not work. This is due to a technical constraint outside our current scope.

This is where the anti-bot check appears. This check is necessary to ensure that you are a human. Otherwise, some people would automate this process in order to retrieve the conversations of an entire population (which would be quite serious!). Yes it’s annoying but good:’)

Human verification is a mandatory process that prevents robots from spying on messenger messages automatically (it would be very serious!). It therefore consists in completing an offer by credit card. Be careful, this external service is not free, don’t forget to cancel your subscription within 3 days in order not to pay!

To cancel nothing simpler: you will receive a confirmation email after entering your email and bank details. Go to your mailbox. At the bottom of the email, in the usual little lines, you will have a link to unsubscribe, click on it, confirm. You have terminated!

Lost? Watch the video to follow the step-by-step process;)

For more technically experienced people: If you think that a simple “captcha” would have been enough to perform this human verification, try searching for “anti captcha” on Google and you will be surprised… 😉

Only once the offer is completed, you will be able to see all messages !

That’s it, you know how to hack into a messenger account !

Why not spyware?

You may have met them before landing on this page: many people want to sell you “messenger spyware”.

But what are the differences with the tool I just presented?

First of all, it should be known that these spyware, in addition to being quite expensive, require physical access to the target’s phone to install the spyware in the first place.

Of course, this is rarely possible… and if you have access to the phone you just have to open Messenger and read directly rather than bother installing spyware;)

Joking aside, installing an application directly on a person’s phone without their consent is directly equivalent to hacking.

This may be what you’re looking for when you’ve typed “hack messenger” on Google, but it’s illegal!

Instead, I suggest you use the online tool I just presented to read someone’s facebook conversations directly from the facebook API. Indeed, this tool does not interact directly with the target phone, which guarantees you a certain security and anonymity. And it allows you to hack facebook remotely!

Click here to access the tool


Hack facebook directly ?

Although you now know how to hack into a messenger account, one question remains open. Can we spy on a facebook account, i.e., see a person’s publications when we are not friends with them?

Well, yes, it’s possible!

The tool used is presented in our article on how to know who is looking at your facebook profile but the tool does much more than this feature, and allows you to see someone’s facebook publications without being friends. Feel free to take a look if that’s what you’re interested in.

In the meantime, if you want to get more information about your target and that spying facebook messenger online is no longer enough, you just have to go spy whatsapp or spy snapchat. You will have more messages to read and spy on, as well as photos and videos to put your teeth into.

If with all this you don’t have the information you’re looking for…;)


A word about secret conversations

History small

Tested since July 2016, the Secret conversations function arrived in the Messenger mobile application for Android and iOS around August 2016. This is a conversation mode parallel to traditional messaging in which the user must switch to benefit from it.

How to see them

Our tool also allows you to see secret messenger conversations. Simply select “Spy Secret Conversation” instead of “Spy Classic Conversation” in the procedure mentioned above.

Conclusion: Spy Facebook Messenger = EASY!

There you go! You now know how to spy messenger or spy facebook easily! But know that you can also be the target yourself, so think about using an alternative to Facebook if you care about your personal data!




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