Spy SMS : How to spy text messages remotely

I think you will agree with me if I tell you that you can learn a lot about a person by reading these SMS messages.

So you may want to spy on SMS from a mobile phone other than your own to satisfy this natural curiosity….

That’s why you’re here!

Today, we will uncover the various myths about phone spying and all the mysteries that this technology represents for neophytes.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • spy sms from another mobile phone
  • know how to choose, distinguish and use spyware
  • in short: hack a cellphone

When you spy, you are looking for something reliable and secure. You wouldn’t want your victim to know that you were spying on these SMS, to notice or to be notified…

… Are you with me ?

Then this method is for you.

Be careful, I’m not responsible for what you do with this method, use it wisely without hurting the people around you!

Spy text messages, how to do it ?

To spy on someone’s SMS messages, we need to hack into a mobile phone. But how do we do that?

There are actually several methods to hack a phone.

As an IT security expert, I have set myself the goal with this website to share my knowledge of IT security and allow the curious to learn how to monitor their friends/women/husband’s mobile phone[insert your favorite target here].

Be careful! Although I teach you how to do it, I am in no way responsible for the actions you can do with this knowledge…. Anyway, always spy with respect for the other!

First of all, it is important to define something.

What is meant by “SMS spy”?

First of all, we must distinguish what we mean when we talk about SMS spying. In this article (and the rest of the website), the following definition is assumed:

SMS spying is the ability to read messages from someone other than yourself, without your knowledge, regardless of your mobile device (iPhone/Android…)

This does not include:

  • the fact of being able to receive them from another mobile phone (the target is always the main recipient of the messages, we do not intercept)
  • spying on other types of messaging (WhatsApp, Messenger…)

To spy on these alternative messengers (WhatsApp, Messenger…), take a look at our articles in the social networks category 😉

Spy methods

But let’s get back to the point: how to spy on SMS from a mobile phone (supposedly iPhone or Android).

There are two main methods at the moment:

  1. Use an online tool
  2. Use spyware

I will quickly make a comparison of these two solutions.

In-line tool

  • Ease of use
  • No need for physical access to the target
  • Free
  • Limited in time
  • Limited to a single person
  • non-existent administration


  • Requires a configuration
  • Requires physical access to the target
  • Costly
  • Persistent over time
  • Possibility of multi-device
  • Administration Panel

We can therefore see that these are two totally different, but extremely complementary spying methods. But then how do you choose?

It really depends on your goal and who you are.

If you are “Mr. or Mrs. John Doe”, who just wants to spy once on his friend, wife, husband (or anyone else), then the online tool is more appropriate. It will then allow you to spy on sms remotely, without software. There will be nothing to configure, nothing to pay and will allow you to access messages in “one shot” mode.

On the other hand, if you are an organization (company, association), and you want to deploy this solution on several people, access a centralized interface to easily manage your fleet of spy phones, then the SMS spyware is for you.

And this is not new !

Online spying

Online spying is the use of a specialized online tool for this surveillance task. This often works with known vulnerabilities on the part of operators or phone manufacturers (this is then specific for Android or iphone).

Sometimes these panels use what are called 0-day vulnerabilities, which means that they are the only ones who know the method used and that even manufacturers and/or operators are not aware of it. Of course, this type of panel is the most stable over time because the manufacturers are not aware of it, so they cannot “close” the gap by fixing it.

This is the case with the panel used by eSpy.

In practice, it is often enough to enter an identifier (telephone number, IMEI number or other) to be able to spy on SMS messages from another mobile phone and have it under surveillance.

As an expert in computer security, I developed a tool that simply allows me to spy on SMS without software in order to demonstrate to the general public the dangers of telecommunications and the potential dangers of mass surveillance in a totalitarian regime.

In order to make your task easier and make the content more interactive, I have created a video explaining step by step how to spy on online SMS messages:



Video summary :

  • Go to this page
  • Fill in the victim’s phone number
  • Perform anti-bot check

Human verification is a mandatory process that prevents robots from spying on SMS automatically (it would be very serious!). It therefore consists in completing an offer by credit card on the external verification platform we use. Warning, this service is not free (you will be checked on all the sites of the verification platform), if you do not wish to pay, you just have to cancel during the 3-day trial period!

To do this, nothing could be easier: you will receive a confirmation email after entering your email and bank details. Go to your mailbox. At the bottom of the email, in the usual little lines, you will have a link to unsubscribe, click on it, confirm. You’re done!

For the techies out there : If you think that a simple “captcha” would have been enough to perform this human verification, try searching for “anti captcha” on Google and you will be surprised… 😉

eSpy allows you to read and save the entire content of a person’s SMS messages without being detected by them. The target does not receive any notification on his phone, guaranteeing you absolute security.

So now you know how to spy on a phone remotely: congratulations!

spy sms

Using SMS spyware

A spyware for mobile phones is an application to install that will stay in the background and collect all the information it can recover. In short, it’s a cellphone tracker.

This recovered information is then transmitted over the Internet using a different communication channel depending on the spyware used.

Often, this information is centralized in a database and the user only has to connect to a dashboard to consult the recovered information such as SMS or other messages (snaps…).

The features you may have depend on the spyware used. It should be noted that this type of software costs from several hundred euros (simple use) to several thousand euros (multiple use) per year!

Want to choose the best spy software for message monitoring? That deserves an article on its own, so many of them…

I detailed everything in this article !


Now that you know how to do free sms spying and how to spy on sms for free, you may wonder, how to go further?

If you didn’t get the information you wanted simply by reading SMS messages remotely, don’t worry: you have other tools in your arsenal.

For example, if your victim has a Snapchat account, it may be worth it spying on Snapchat. Even if you only have his phone number, you may find your happiness in checking his WhatsApp account.

Also, you can easily spy on other applications, including social networks.

This website is even dedicated to that!

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