How to spy WhatsApp messages ? I tell you everything there is to know …

Want to read your friends’ WhatsApp messages and spy on WhatsApp? Have you heard of WhatsApp spyware and want to know more?

Then I think you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I will explain what spying on WhatsApp is all about.

At the end of this article, you will be able to:

  • spy on someone’s whatsapp from a distance
  • know the difference between whatsapp spyware and online spying
  • read someone’s whatsapp messages for free
  • and a little bit the “how it works behind”;)


Spy WhatsApp remotely

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for Android and iOS mobile platforms. It allows secure and reliable communication via the Internet. Secure I said? Oh wait, not really actually….

As you will see, using the right tools it is very easy to know how to spy whatsapp, and this, for free!

This guide is intended to show you that this is possible, do not abuse this technique to hurt others!;)

For an iPhone

What you need to know about Apple is that their source code is private, unlike Android which is open source.

However, part of Apple’s code is just the recovery of existing code that is open source to it (I don’t mean that apple leech all its code, just that they are based on something existing without recreating everything from zero).

This has its advantages (speed of development) but also its disadvantages, as a flaw in the basic code can affect the source code of the iPhone.

This is the case here, as the revelations of the Shadow Brokers have shown that the encryption used by this messaging application is compromised by an intrinsic flaw in iOS. As you know, the security of a channel is based on its weakest link… which is Apple here.

But let’s get to the exploitation of this flaw. It allows you, using the target contact’s simple phone number, to retrieve all their WhatsApp messages remotely.

As PoC, I developed an online tool so that you can test this. This way, you can easily read someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely. It works for iphone but also for Android devices.

Here is a step-by-step video tutorial to get you there:


Video summary:

Click here to access the tool
  • Go to this page
  • Click on “Spy WhatsApp Conversation”
  • Enter your target’s phone number

This is where the anti-bot check appears. This check is necessary to ensure that you are a human being. Otherwise, some people would automate this process in order to retrieve the conversations of an entire population (which would be quite serious!). Yes it’s annoying but, you know … :’)

Human verification is a mandatory process that prevents robots from spying on WhatsApp messages automatically (it would be very serious!).

To do this, we use a platform specialized in human verification: Human-Verify.

Their method consists in filling out an offer by credit card, as this is the only element that is not easily falsifiable. Once you have verified yourself, you unlock access to all sites protected by this platform, including eSpy.

Attention, this service is not free of charge.

BUT there is a trial period. When you complete an offer, you are on a trial period for 3 days. If you cancel during these 3 days, you will not have to pay. Of course, during these 3 days of trial you unlock access to the platform.

In short, if you don’t want to pay to spy on WhatsApp, don’t forget to cancel your subscription within 3 days so you don’t have to pay!

To do this, nothing could be easier: you will receive a confirmation email after entering your email and bank details. Go to your mailbox. At the bottom of the email, in the usual little lines, you will have a link to unsubscribe, click on it, confirm. You have terminated!

For the techies : If you think that a simple “captcha” would have been enough to perform this human verification, try searching for “anti captcha” on Google and you will be surprised… 😉

pirater whatsapp à distance

For an Android phone

Remember when I told you that building his system on fallible source code makes his own system fallible? Well, the funny thing about this story is that Apple and Android use the same source code base.

Thus the flaw presented above concerning Apple works exactly the same way ! There are some slight differences in implementation techniques, but they are totally transparent to the end user (you!)

So you can follow the video tutorial above which will also work for you!

With WhatsApp Spy, you can:

  • See all WhatsApp conversations
  • Discover the names and numbers of the people with whom your target audience discusses
  • Access all photos, videos or audio files sent by WhatsApp and stored on the target phone


Click here to access the online tool


WhatsApp Spyware

If the method presented above is not enough for you, you can also use a spyware for WhatsApp.

Unlike the previous paragraph which was without installation, here the method consists in installing an application on the target’s mobile phone in order to see his WhatsApp messages.

spy messages

The application to be chosen as software then depends on several factors:

  • supported platforms : Android (ex: Huawei, Samsung…), iOS (iPhone, iPad…), etc…
  • features
  • where are sent the messages whatsapp
  • the price

In any case, it should be remembered that using software is more complex than spying online via the tool presented above. However, it also allows more flexibility and allows you to see WhatsApp messages from several smartphones at once! But it’s more expensive….

In short, a compromise to be made!

I will probably soon make a comparison of the best spyware to download for WhatsApp… Stay tuned! 🙂

How do I know if I’m being spied on WhatsApp

But then how do you know if you’re being spied on yourself?

First of all, the first reflex is to check that you do not have spyware installed.

Go to the list of your applications (if necessary, sort by installation date) and check that there is not an application that you do not remember installing yourself.

If this is the case, uninstall the application immediately.

Otherwise, it is not possible to know if you have been spied on if someone has used the tool presented above to monitor you. Indeed, it uses a flaw in WhatsApp that cannot be fixed on your side as a simple user.

If this is a problem for you, I advise you to use an alternative to WhatsApp, such as Signal.


You now know how to hack WhatsApp remotely, for free and without software. But what if that’s not enough to access the information you want? The solution is to spy on your target through other media. If you only have his phone number, you can try to spy sms. Otherwise you can also try to spy facebook if you know his profile. Finally, if you are interested in Snapchat, then visit this article !

So, ready to spy?


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