How to tap a phone ?

Putting a phone on tap is the classic trick of spy movies or adventurous cops, and often we think that in real life it’s not that simple, and that’s probably the case for many of the things we see in movies…

but not this one!

And even better:

Tapping a phone in movies usually requires advanced equipment or sharp knowledge (or at least that’s what we’re allowed to imagine), yet in this article I’ll show you that it’s possible to tap any mobile phone (and yes, even you can do it!)

Who can tap a phone?

But first of all, it is worth asking the following question: who can tap a telephone (fixed or mobile)? and here, we must distinguish between the two possible interpretations of this question, namely who has the right and who can/is in the capacity to do so? in theory, taping a telephone can only be done by court order.

The authorization to listen to telephone communications is granted by the Prime Minister, after consulting the National Commission for the Control of Intelligence Technology (CNCTR). It is given on a written and reasoned proposal from the ministers responsible for defence, the interior, justice, the economy, the budget or customs.

But this only concerns wiretaps carried out by the police and, more specifically, the French State. In this context, it is normal that it should be very restrictive, otherwise it very quickly a police state where it is not good to live, but it does not exclude the use of telephones between individuals, and in fact, I have found nothing in the texts prohibiting anyone from tapping their neighbour.

Of course, the means to do so may or may not be illegal. If you have to hack into someone’s cell phone to tap it, then you can be prosecuted for this so-called hacking… but not for the tapping itself. See the difference?

Of course, I exclude here any notion of ethics or morality. This is unique to each individual, who will have a different vision of the barrier not to be crossed. I do not venture into this field and simply explain to you the technical basics that exist in order to inform you..

How to tap a phone ?

 Your inner battle … will you fall in the dark side ?

If we take the ability to tap, then it’s clear: anyone can tap a phone.

It’s never been easier!

Let’s see how it works right now!

How to tap a mobile phone

The way to tap a mobile phone is different depending on whether you want to listen remotely or not, and whether it is a fixed phone or not.

We will limit ourselves here to the case of the mobile phone, which will represent (I think) the majority of the use cases you can have.

Two main methods are then possible:

  1. you want to spy remotely: in this case, be aware that you will be limited to reading SMS messages, which is like tapping without software. From a distance, it is almost impossible to intercept and/or listen to telephone conversations, because it goes directly into the base stations. This would require sophisticated (and expensive) equipment to intercept radio waves and goes far beyond the scope of this introductory article.
  2. you want to tap a mobile phone that you have at your disposal physically: in this case, you can do everything. All you need to do is install a phone spy software, and you’re good to go..


Wiretapping. yes, real wires

Knowing if you’re being tapped

With everything we’ve just seen, you may be wondering how to find out if you’ve been bugged by someone else or not…


… you should!

Here are some ways to spot a potential tapper.

Use the short codes on your phone

These short codes, to be entered on your mobile as a standard telephone number, allow you to identify the most basic hijackings.


With this code, you can know if your calls, SMS and other data are being diverted. Any type of diversion and the telephone number to which the data is sent appear on the screen. Generally, this type of abuse is committed by jealous spouses, parents who want to protect their children and offenders.


It is a universal code to disable any form of hijacking of your phone. This is very convenient when roaming abroad, as your operator will not charge you for calls that are forwarded to voicemail.


Note this number to find out where your calls, SMS and data are routed if no one can reach you. It is most likely that call forwarding will be installed on one of your telephone operator’s numbers (voice mail).

Knowing how to spot the signs

In addition, some warning signs may alert you that you have been tapped. Don’t be alarmed if you recognize yourself in any of these signs, but if there are several that match you, you should probably pay a little more attention or conduct a small investigation to determine if this is the case or not.

An abnormally hot battery

Of course, this sign was much easier to observe before the arrival of smartphones. When your Nokia 1100 had the hot battery, you could be sure it wasn’t because of the last 3d game you had turned on but because you were tapped. Now, with the multiple applications that run on laptops all the time and their already low battery life, it is more than possible that a wiretap is not the cause. But still, it is still a sign to watch out for.

Greater use of your mobile data

When you are tapped, you must transfer data to the person listening to you (logical). Nowadays, there is a good chance that this will happen over the Internet, and therefore through your mobile data. If you see an increase in the use of your mobile Internet usage in an explained way, you may have the explanation!

An unknown application

Most spyware applications know how to hide from you. But it can happen, because this particular application doesn’t support it, or an update of the operating system has blown up the app’s coverage, that you find an unknown application on your phone. Again, be careful, not every unknown application is necessarily a spyware program: it’s up to you to know the difference. A simple google search for the name of the application will usually guide you.



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